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Thursday, October 11, 2012

My current hair care regimen: Agnes style!

So when ever seasons change, I start to get this questions A LOT: "What do you put in your hair?"

In the past, I would try to rattle my products off (as the persons eyes started to daze off because of the sheer number of products I was mentioning). This time, I decided to document my current regimen right here so that all who want to know can see all my products for the Fall.

How I actually do my hair hardly ever changes, either a wash and go (which I only do in the Spring and Summer or a warm Fall or Winter day) or my twisted braid out.

My products do however change to adjust for the change in temperature and humidity.

Below, I have my products (with pictures for all my visual learners!) listed in categories.

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Detangling/ in shower conditioner:



Deep Conditioners (I ALWAYS put coconut oil in my hair when ever conditioning then layer on the conditioner):
Neutrogena triple moisture daily deep conditioner (I love the leave-in as well but I can not get with that price!)

Yes to Carrots conditioner (the only one you'll fine this gal using!)


Trader Joe's ORGANIC VIRGIN Coconut oil (People please make sure your oil actually smells like coconut! The brand doesn't matter at all as long as it is virgin coconut oil)

Castor Oil (When it starts to get colder and your hair is feeling brittle, Use this to seal your hair ONLY when you are styling on wet hair. It is BEYOND amazeballs! Here's the youtube video I stole the idea from: http://youtu.be/eMZ0LYPbMro)

Styling products/ moisturizers:

Shea Moisture Curl enhancing smoothie (heaven with the Castor oil)

Carols Daughter Healthy hair butter (If you can get over the price...and the smell [it smells like a forest], you will realize that this product is RIDICULOUSLY moisturizing!!)
I have been using this a lot lately, actually I used it once this Sunday and I still have yet to re-moisturize my hair because of how great it feels 5 days later)

And that's all folks, I keep it relatively simple. These are the things I reach for constantly. If you would like to hear more about any particular product or see how I combine them, just let me know!