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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey: final review

So I have to say, after reading and watching so many people rave about this product the only conclusion I can draw is that I used it incorrectly.

The take down:

Once I saw my braids the next morning, I could tell my results would not be the best. My hair felt damp (which happens when I use too much product in my hair. yikes) and it felt oily.
I was hopeful non-the-less but it just got worse.
[Excuse the over-exposure].
My hair had less definition that I am used to and was of course frizzy in the damp areas. I won't include a picture of my hair once I separated because it was horrendous (trust me). So after a quick outfit change, I threw it in a ponytail.
At this point I was (admittedly) cursing this very expensive product but I re-braided each night and got better and better results. The only problem I found was that in the Maryland humidity, none of the styles lasted. My hair went "poof" as soon as I stepped out of the house. Once it was stretched out enough, I was able to rock quite a textured blow out look.
I've used this product several other times since this review and I have decided that this is more of a finishing product. My hair looked better when I used other products and used the Mimosa Hair Honey to take my hair down (like above).
All in all, I'd give this product an ok....I think it is hyped up farrr more than it's worth but I can see the benefit in using it. 

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