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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fruit of the week: Ravae is Finally Free!

Name: Ravae
Age: 22
Years natural: 22!  My whole life J

(I never wanted a perm.  I saw the damage it did to my sister’s hair and I didn’t want the texture of my hair to be forever changed!)

Hey friends!  My name is Ravae and I was ADDICTED TO MY HAIR!  

Last Sunday, I cut about three or four inches off of my hair, which may sound like a little bit, but was a huge step for me.  It was the first time I had EVER cut my hair, besides a small trim.  I have always been afraid to cut my hair; I just don’t like change very much.  I also alternate between straightening my hair and wearing it curly, so I was concerned about how short it would be when I washed it (can’t live without my ponytail!).  

Recently I moved to a new city, moved into a new apartment, and started a new job.  This transition made me realize that life is too short to be afraid.  And if I could do something as bold as starting a new life in a new city, then surely I could do something as simple as cutting my hair.  However, being the logical and anti-spontaneous person that I am, it took me a while to finally do it.  It was when I realized that my hair would be healthier if I cut it that I decided this was the best move to make and got off the fence.  

Once I got myself excited enough about the new “do”, I took the bold step and cut my hair.  While some people didn’t even notice (smh), it was a huge milestone for me!  As black women, we tend to hold on to our hair, to let it shape and define us.  So glad I let go!  I’m finally free!

P.S. Shout out to all my PG frennnzzz back home!  Miss yall!

My hair was so raggedy!  Hahaha eewwww!  What took me so long???

So maybe you can’t really tell the difference…haha! And why is that bump STILL on my face doe! Grr!

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