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Thursday, August 23, 2012

August Monthly Roundup!

I went into my ten thousand products (it feels like it) and finished up some products. Here's what I thought of them:
First up is the Acai berry avocado conditioner by Organix:

  • Great smell
  • not too much slip (i.e. not too good for detangling purposes)
Because I use my conditioners for detangling, this would not work for me. There are so many more moisturizing products out there and this is...so~so.

Second is wave nouveau by SoftSheen-Carson:

  • gives shine?, lighter smell
  • Jerry curl look (need I say more?)
To be honest, I only had a drop or so if this left so I cannot really speak to it's abilities but when I would use it on my hair while transitioning, my hair sure looked like I stepped out a "Soul glo" video! Thumbs down!

Third is Care Free Curl also by SoftSheen-Carson:

  • .............I can't even find SOMETHING
  • Chemically smell
  • SUCKS all the damn moisture out of my hair!
  • Gives the exact opposite of slip
This product made me want to run into the shower to wash my darn hair! There is a reason why I stopped using it in the first place!...I have no idea why I even bought that to begin with! Oh yeah I do...I thought it would make my hair curly. SMH!

Last up is the Revitalizing Creme by Mane 'n Tale:

I won't even touch this one yet because I have an unopened one to use!
I know that I was ADDICTED to this stuff in the past! It was great for my bantu knot outs and twists in the past but when I used it this time, it just was not as...good. I am hoping that I can use it several different ways and show you how it goes this time so look out for that!

hair, kisses, bubblegum

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