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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Napturality...a freedom?

I was recently in a conversation with someone who was thinking about transitioning into the natural life. Her main point was that so many of her natural friends mentioned how "freeing" the experience was.

I guess the confusion in my face at this comment caused her to withdraw and ask me if I found the experience to be particularly "freeing".

What I told her was that I went natural before it was thought of as a "social movement". My motivation was primarily driven by my fear for perms. I was so afraid that I could only muster up the courage to get a perm about once every four months (and that was if people started really getting on my nerves about the state of my hair: i.e. mom). Going natural was less of a choice for me and more of a....better option.

I will not negate however, the fear I felt about what my hair would look like.

The truth is, the freedom I felt came about two years post big chop. Once I stopped obsessing about my hair being curly, or long, or smooth, or shiny, or this, or that....I felt free within. See the issue is that I came into this journey with no expectations apart from what I saw on youtube and through my friends. Everyone I looked up to as a baby naturalista had long hair and had "figured it out".

I guess my point is, freedom should not be the sole motivation to become natural. If that's the case, you will find quickly that the rain and humidity will do far worse things to your hair than it did when you had a perm and without that love for your hair, you will DIE when I tell you the amount of time I can spend detangling, washing, and styling my hair.

I tell everyone, my hair is my baby. I do it all for love.

The "freedom"....well I guess that's a happy coincidence.

What do you think? What was your motivation to become natural (if you are), are you thinking about it? Let's share.

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