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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dominican Salons - Affordable, Effective Hairdressing

Agnes is definitely the expert when it comes to all things hair-related. But i figured I'd try my hand at a post for those of us with mixed manes -- our hair is harder to manage than most people think, and we often overload with unnecessary products to calm down the crazy curls or frivolous frizz. Remember, these things cause more harm than good.

Coming from African-American and Hispanic heritage, I definitely have some horror stories when it comes to my hair. It wasn't until I went completely natural and ditched the chemicals that my tresses are the strongest they've ever been. The most recent phenomenon for up-keep with women of color has been the all-underrated Dominican Hair Salon. My Dominican cherry was popped a few years ago (don't judge me!) and I've been recommending these places to my friends ever since.

So what's the appeal? GREAT QUALITY FOR A LOW PRICE. I love my black folks (throws up solidarity fist) but seriously, the amount you'd spend to get your hair done at the salon in the hood still doubles, sometimes TRIPLES the amount you'd spend hitting up the Dominican salon down the street and around the corner. Most people don't realize that hispano-caribbean countries (i.e. Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic) are some of the most ethnically diverse places in this world -- which means the spectrum of hair is quite broad. These Dominican hair stylists have mastered straight, wavy, curly, and even kinky hair to the point where you'll never need a relaxer again.

Hair color, wash & sets, weave, cuts, repairs/treatments -- they do it all, and you'll never pay over $100 for even the most expensive thing on the menu. My typical regimen when i go (usually once a month) is a Wash & Set with a Deep Conditioning Treatment ($33 total). The trick to their magic is drying your hair under high heat in a roller-set before blow drying and flat ironing, which means your locks are already tamed and predominately straight before styling even begins. When I tell you that I thought I saw Jesus the first time my hair was done? I'm not exaggerating. My roots stayed in tact and my hair was silky smooth for weeks. All the hair products stored in my room went right to the trash -- I didn't need them anymore, and you won't either. :)

Search for Dominican Salons in your area!

❤ Asia Preciosa

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