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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I guess we should start.

The Two Of Us -- The authorettes of The Black Bubblegum first met as high school students in Prince George's County, MD in 2003, and have been best friends since then. Having parallel values, goals, and aspirations -- this pair was undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. One, a graduate of University of Maryland Baltimore County; and the other, a graduate of St. John's University in New York, NY -- both young women have pursued prosperous careers while staying in touch with the things that they love.

Ms. Ghana, right -- I am a 23 year old (when did this happen?) academic. I can get overly focused (sometimes even obsessed) with trying to accomplish my never ending goals and when this happens, I really need a release. My ways of calming myself (and slowing this impending breakdown of mind and spirit) is by focusing on my hair, health & lifestyle, fitness, and losing myself in music. 

My contribution to this blog will be exactly that (with some others sprinkled in). A lot of blogs have become very artificial but I really hope that this becomes a bit of an online documentation of the experiences that myself and my counterpart come across as ethnic, educated women in today's age.

I should give a little bit of a disclaimer about myself; I have a Master's degree in Applied Sociology and as such, I have focused A LOT on gender and ethnic relations. My hope is for this blog to be that healthy mix between ratchet-ness (yes I said it! I am human!) and deep insightful thought. 

Ms. Preciosa, left -- Another 23 year old academic; college grad with a BA+MA in Spanish & International Business. Why would I devote time to a blog, you ask? Because my degrees don't define me. I'm more of the marketing type anyway, lol -- "the gift of gab" has always been my forte. Most of my professional work has been in promotional writing/advertising for the entertainment industry; anything involving the right side of the brain motivates and inspires me...

I consider myself a class individual; musically talented and artistically inclined; old-school mentality; a nerd and a goofball with a sense of humor that's through the roof on its way to the moon. My contribution to this blog will involve all of these things with a nice dash of urban lifestyle. Like my counterpart you just met stated above: We are ethnic, educated women in today's age. Ya'll better recognize!

My disclaimer? I am quite the conspiracy theorist, philosopher, motivational speaker, and supporter of some [actually, most] things ratchet. Prepare yourselves for a plethora of stimulating thoughts and intellectual conversation.

With that being said, let's get this show on the road!

hair, kisses, bubblegum

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