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Friday, August 24, 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain: review

I'll admit, I bought something else. I JUST CAN'T STOP! I went into my local Ulta with the purpose of buying something for my hair (the Carol's Daughter product), and came out with this:

I am so serious! I feel like I go in a trance when I walk into shops! smh.
Well either way, I am really loving these! The stain seriously lasts.

I would do lip swatches but the stain is so strong that once I put the first one on, I can't get it off to get a picture of the others! I'll just gather pictures each day I use them and post those if anyone really cares to see on the lip swatches.
I am enjoying these mostly because they are so low fuss! When I am running around the office or eating, I don't have to worry about re-applying like I do with lipstick or lip gloss. The balm has a minty kind of tingly feeling on the lips that I love.
The only cons I will note are that 1) they tend to be sheer so I have to apply a couple layers to get the coverage I would like. The upside is that there is a LOT of product so apart from the slight inconvenience, you really don't have to worry and 2) for some reason the orange/coral color (Rendezvous) tend to sit in the lips and thus, will expose any and every crack in the lips!
Other than those, I think they are worth the buy. I wish I found these earlier because they would have been perfect for the summer (which is drawing to an end).
Either way, I am loving them. I like smitten the most when I want to look classier. It has a very deceiving color and looks different every time you look at it.
That's all I've got!  

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