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Thursday, August 23, 2012

New goals and such

Ok so life caught up with me, I have bills bills bills! 
Because of this, I have to become very resourceful. 

I cut my perm off December 29th, 2009 and unleashed the product junkie in me! Since that faithful day, I have tried just about every new thing in the natural hair community. I have tangle teeze'd, baking soda rinsed, avocado conditioned, henna'd and just about everything else that you can imagine! I am surprised I still have any hair on my head!

Recently, as I wrote down my list of expenses, I realized that all these new hair products were putting a dent into my pocket so I am starting this "Monthly Roundup" segment.

My goals:
  • not buy any products until I have emptied my current arsenal of products
  • replace only Eco Styler Gel (unless I find another way to define my curls during this process)
  • give away or sell products I just do not like. Case and point: cantu shea butter. It smells so rancid that it makes me want to kick a baby and I just don't like that. 
  • find alternate uses for some of my products (body butters? I hate lotion-ing so that may be a no-go)  
  • consolidate all my hair products. They should ALL fit in one space!     
Hopefully this lessens the burden on my poor pockets! Do it with me if you have the same problem! Post a response and tell me what you've emptied this month. 
Currently I have this:
And this.....

Oh...there's more wedged in there....

Can't forget this....

I use my Gel quite a bit (so I am not too worried about that)

This doesn't even include the products in my shower....

Wish me luck!

hair, kisses, bubblegum

*edit: I bought the Carols Daughter mimosa jont....more on that later....I HAVE A PROBLEM OK?!

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